Hey y’all! Como estas? 歡迎! Bienvenue a mes amis. JAMBO KARIBU!

I'm Janet Hsieh. You probably know me best as the host of the long-running Discovery TLC travel program Fun Taiwan, but if you've made it to my site, you may also be familiar with the other hats I wear, including: violinist, actress, model, author, charity advocate, motivational speaker, live emcee... well, you get the idea. I wear a lot of hats! 



I've been the host of Fun Taiwan on Discovery TLC for nearly 10 years now (wow!), and have gotten to discover every amazing corner of Taiwan while also getting to work with lots of wonderful people. Most recently, I've had the honor of hosting some of my heroes like Samantha Brown and Bob Blumer in Fun Taiwan All-Stars, our latest season of the show. 

Besides travel hosting, I've also been humbled to co-host the Golden Bell award winning quiz show Golden Brain alongside TV legend Hu Gua (胡瓜). We had a lot of fun as hosts, but you wouldn't believe how much I learned on that show from our contestants! 


The violin has been part of my life since I was 5 years old, and was lucky to find a great teacher, Mrs. Durfee, who basically shaped who I became as a performer. The violin brought me all over Europe with the Texas Young Virtuosos, and even to the White House!

These days, I still bring my violin with me everywhere I travel, and you can find me on stage at concerts with the National Symphony Orchestra and with popular artists like Fan-fan and Yen-J.


Although I'm primarily known for just being myself on camera, I've also been known to take a fictional role or two. So far I've tackled both live-action and animated films, a stage play, a TV drama, and music videos, but I'm hungry for more.

From being the voice of Princess Anna in Frozen to starring in my first ever theater performance, every role is a completely new challenge. After a decade of Fun Taiwan, it's great to test myself and see how far I can push myself as an actress. 


I love my life as a travel host, but I have to say I owe my start in this business to modeling. If it weren't for having been discovered and offered the opportunity to become a model, I can't imagine what my life would be like right now! (Well, maybe I can imagine: I'd probably have left Taiwan, finished medical school, and become a doctor!)

Modeling has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and try on fabulous fashions that I might have never tried otherwise, given my preference for a jeans and a pair of flipflops on most days!

Author & Public Speaker

Sharing my experiences with others is one of the absolute best feelings I get from my career, and I try to do it as often as possible as both an author and a public speaker. So far, I have authored 5 books (my favorite being my first: Traveling with 100 Toothbrushes), and given nearly 400 speeches, including dozens of universities and TEDx Taipei.


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Where's Janet?


My work takes me all over Taiwan and throughout the world, so you never know where I'll pop up next. If you want to keep up with my adventures, be sure to follow me!