So, these are all the different photo gallery styles. Each has its own customizations possible. I haven't added captions to any photos (has to be done individually), but they can be added if needed.

If you want to make separate albums for different types of photos, that's totally possible. I can just create a page with an album cover for each category, and clicking on the album cover would open a page like this one with the gallery type you prefer.

If you want my vote, I like the grid style best. Makes it easy to see all at a glance and click on the ones that seem interesting.

Slideshow format --

with thumbnails (can be taken away or made bigger/smaller); can set to change photo automatically (same as next style)

Slider design

(set for 5 seconds, manual control buttons visible) -- time between photos can be changed, or turned off and set to manual control only

grid style --

set to square photos (center point can be set for each photo, so the ones that are cut off won't look like that)

currently 5 photos per row, no padding between photos. clicking on them pops them up. fewer per row = larger photos


every photo fills the screen in one big long row. lots of scrolling, makes lower quality photos look pretty obvious